Cheri and Glen Howe 
Tallahassee, FL
"Just wanted to let you know, we used the new lotion (Lemon Eucalyptus) tonight on a walk that we normally would not attempt due to the pesky mosquitoes. I am thrilled to report that NOT ONE bothered us as we walked.HOORAY! The lotion itself is fabulous. Great job GTD Ranch. I love it. Thanks so much" 
Judy Hayes

"Got to use one of my soaps yesterday. It was amazing. Creamy and felt so good on my skin. And the smell was wonderful too! In a couple more days I will be able to use the others." 


Dan and Wyatt Martin
Lazy 69 Ranch, Round Mountain, CA 

"We camped in South Dakota, the shores of Lake Michigan and in the woods of Pennsylvania. We used nothing more than your Lemon Eucalyptus lotion as mosquito repellant. Never had to hide from the mosquitos".

Lisa Overbay Henderson

"I tried my sample of Lemon Eucalyptus lotion. I love it, I did not have to smack at bugs the whole time I was mowing."


"Oh Yay! I was outside for an hour and I had one mosquito land on me and fly off. We also have these little black bees that bite and the only place I had a probelm with them was on my back where I did not put lotion on. I usually am swatting and killing while mowing.


Saltville, Virigina

Janess Pivac

"We received our package of soaps and lotions today in the mail! We were so excited to try all the different fragrances of lotion. We will let our soaps sit a few more weeks since we were receiving them before they are ready. Everything smells and feels wonderful Glenn-Diana Tuschen!"

Karen Stevens

"Love all the new pictures! My tester arm (right) is looking more nourished (youthful) than my left arm...time to start applying my goats milk lotion to both arms...short sleeve season is here in So. Cal."

Wanda Derra

​​"Try GTD Ranch Products. Ordered the new goat milk soap and lotion.It makes my skin feel great and smells wonderful. Nice variety of fragrances. You really did a nice job Diana. Oh and prompt shipment."

Hollianna Tuschen

 "I just want to tell you the lotions we got as a  gift for                  Christmas has been amazing. Your product  has been the only one that has helped my daughter  with her dry skin and she loves it.When they run  out we will be ordering more."

Chelsea Gill

"Love these lotions. I have one in every bathroom in my house. The unscented lotion works wonders for my face! I took a bottle of  the Honey & Oatmeal to work and the next day all my coworkers placed orders! Great gift ideas for holidays and birthdays for loved ones and people at the office!"

Sue Krolak
 "My goodies got here and they are even better than everyone has said. Soft but not greasy,  the lavender smell is wonderful. Jim likes the Energy  Scent smell and the feel. Outstanding  job to you both."


Bonnie Silvestri
"I ordered a couple of lotions and soaps from GTD, and received them a week ago putting the lotion to immediate use. Setting aside the outstanding aromas, the ingredients alone are a blessing having given my skin (which is normally extremely dry) an unbelievably soft and smooth texture, just in the first try. In addition, my husband Bill had surgery on his back a couple of months ago leaving a 2” incision that healed great, but was drying up terribly; cracking and peeling. He has very different type skin and I tried every cream on it that you can think of. I decided to put some GTD Lotion on it and OMG … what a difference. Just in the first application, it turned moisturized, soft and even brought the natural color back. We are both so impressed. I urge all of you to give these products a try; you’ll be wonderfully surprised. It is indeed a superb and worthwhile investment! " 
"Holy Cow … or should I say ‘Holy Goat’!?! Have another ‘selling point’ to add to the glory of this fantastic lotion. Due to always going barefooted, I have had severe dry/cracked heels for many years … tried everything and currently am on a medicated cream for them … and for the bottom of my feet. All has been to no avail. Decided after my shower this afternoon to try some of the GTD Lotion on them, figuring it couldn’t hurt. Need I say more? Neither Bill nor I could believe it … they are smooth as silk; nary a sign of cracks or dried skin. WOW!"

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