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Our Candles are handcrafted using 100% natural Soy Wax. This means that you will light a candle that is clean burning without pollutants, toxins or carcinogens.

We use soy wax from U.S. grown soybeans which supports our American farmers. Do your part to keep our earth clean by utilizing a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource.  


You will enjoy your soy wax candle for hours and hours as they burn generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin wax candle. You will burn the entire candle - down to about a 1/4" from the the bottom of the container.

We purchased a quality sleek-looking Libbey glassware manufactured in the United States for these candles. This glassware is reusable.  


Our Soy Candles come in all the same wonderful fragrances of our lotions and soaps.  You can find fragrance descriptions under the Home tab.

The cost of Soy Wax has gone up over than 50% this past year.  We have chosen to continue with the same high quality of Soy Wax.  The increased cost is reflected in the increase in the price  of the candles.  However, we know you will be very pleased with these long burning candles and find them a great overall value.

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